Refresh your body and soul…

Welcome to Refresh Spa@24. Our spa is one of the biggest and luxurious spa in the heart of Bangkok city. The location is so convenient that you can simply hop from any shopping centers to our spa.

Refresh Spa@24, offers an extension range of massages, body scrubs, body wraps, bath therapies, traditional Thai herbal body steam, and facials. Our massage therapist will guide you through the most sensual massage with the use of our pure and natural aromatic products. After massage, you will wake up feeling rejuvenate and refresh.

Our top hit menu is our specially designed spa packages. These packages are created to provide perfect balance of body and soul.

Our Top Hit Menu



Ayurvedic Sirodhara

This massage begins with therapist pouring warm herbal oil in an even, continual stream over the third eye (chakra) then ends with a face, neck and scalp massage on the mama points. In this liberated state you can simply abandon yourself to the sensation of peace.


Signature Hot Aroma Oil Massage

Harmonized Swedish and Thai technique to revitalize the body.