How to Spa


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To make the most of your experience, we recommend you arriving 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment for any spa services.  This will allow you time to check in, change to your spa robe, slippers, and fill out a health questionnaire before treatment.

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We will provide a spa robe, underwear and locker for you plus a range of amenities.During treatments, you may wear the spa underwear.
If possible, please do not bring valuables and jewelry to the spa.

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The Spa is a non-smoking area.  We do not recommend the consumption of alcohol before, during or directly after your treatment. Mobile phone should be placed on silent mode.

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All treatments are completed as scheduled; therefore, arriving late will give you less time in which to enjoy your treatment so that the next guest is not delayed.

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You can request a male or female therapist by simply indicate your preference at the time of booking

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If you are pregnant, or have special medical concerns, please advice us at the time of booking, so that we may carefully select which treatments are best suited to you.

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Full fee will be imposed for no show.

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Please contact the Spa for further discussion.

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All prices do not include any service charge, so please feel free to tip our staff.

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