Massage Treatment

Refresh Thai Massage

pic_s_body01This is the traditional Thai massage. It is oil free acupressure massage that includes stretching and passive yoga to release muscle tension and sen. At Refresh @ 24, we created our Refresh Thai Massage by combining the best techniques from two types of traditional Thai massage method.

Foot Reflexology

pic_s_foot01This massage involves the application of pressure upon reflex points on the foot.

Relaxation Massage

pic_s_foot01Choose from our 4 specialized blends of essential oil for this massage. We will pamper you with soft, slow, flowing and rhythmic massage techniques to ease away tension. These oils provide healthy equilibrium to your body, mind and spirit. Your whole body will be totally stimulated and your spirit will be carried away to the stage of relax.

Signature Massage

pic_s_body05The sensual power of touch is highlighted in this massage. This powerful and strong massage combines advanced Swedish and Thai massage techniques. Here we use hot aromatic oil to create warm, smooth, and flowing feeling. After the massage you will really be rejuvenated and de-stressed.

Hot Stone Massage

pic_s_body05Good for muscle relaxation. The warm mineral stone will slowly release the deep tissue by professional therapist. The stone massage more relax then hands massage, just one touch of hot stone massage is like 10 touches of hand massage. We lay the hot stone on Chakra or Center of Body’s energy system. The stone also open Chi Flow and balance energy.