Facial Treatment

Jurlique Description

Jurlique skin and health products are holistically formulated and produced by a unique Biointrinsic extracion method, which protects and preserves the natural life force of the healing herbs. All herbs are grown organically and bio-dynamically in Jurlique’s own Herb Farms in South Australia, it improves the soil through composing rather than exploiting the environment with chemicals. Jurlique products are Hypo-allergenic and pH balanced, and is suitable for all skin conditions. Discover just how great your skin can look and feel using pure natural skin care rich in antioxidants, vitamins and herbal extracts to revitalize, nourish and strengthen your skin.


Aromatherapy Facial by Jurlique

pic_s_ja01This classic facial provides holistic benefits for radiant healthy skin. A cleaning and relaxing is performed using aromatherapy preparations personalized for individual skin type and conditions.

SOS Hydrating Facial Treatment by Jurlique

pic_s_ja02An effective revived treatment delivers optimum results, combining with a unique massage technique and powerful antioxidants. Your skin will feel smooth, energized and glowing, leading to a younger and healthier appearance.

Thai Herbal Facial Treatment

facialthai2Thai herbal facial is using the natural organic Thai herbal product to deep cleans, exfoliate, massage and mask. We incorporate the Thai herbal product with specific pressure point massage technique to induce facial blood circulation and stimulation to your face.

Cocoon Facial Treatment

facialthai3Using thai silk cocoon to improves the flexibility of the skin. It quickens the healing of any surface injury to the skin. Damage to your skin caused by dust, pollution, UV light and general inflammation can all be helped with this facial. It is gentle on your skin and can be used by people with sensitive skin. Golden Silk Facial is a truly superior product.